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  • To be informed firsthand of the current situation of the wind power sector.

  • To be a main player and to actively participate.

  • To take advantage of join efforts of the union of most of the industry.

  • To be part of pioneering experiences and working groups of wind power.

Services and Advantages

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Admission fees

Qualified members (1) (5) 30 votes 19.218,00 €  38.436,00 € 
Affiliate members (2) 10 votes 6.406,00 €  12.812,00 € 
User members (3) 2 votes 1.281,20 €  2.562,40 € 
Collaborator members (4) 1 vote 640,60 €  1.281,20 €
Associations (5) 1 vote 640,60 €  1.281,20 €

(1) Voluntary category that gives the right to a non-elective position in the Board of Directors
(2) Promoters with installed wind power equal to or greater than 75 MW installed (including companies with an attributable share of this volume in wind farms). Wind component manufacturers and wind financial investors with a net amount of turnover in Spain of 70 million euros (article 24 of the statutes
(3) Manufacturers of wind components with a net amount of turnover in Spain of between 20 and 70 million euros. Other companies belonging to business groups with more than 20 million euros of net turnover in Spain (article 24 of the bylaws).
(4) Companies that do not have any of the above categories due to installed power or turnover in Spain.
(5) Direct access to the Board of Directors.
(*) The entry fee as an associate corresponds to a single payment of 50% of the annual fee for services in its category.

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