What is Wind Energy?

Wind energy is the most mature and developed renewable energy. It generates electricity by way of the strength of the wind using the kinetic energy produced by air currents. It is a clean, inexhaustible source of energy which reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and preserve the environment.

Wind energy has been used since antiquity to move sail-powered boats or drive windmill machinery by moving their blades. Since the early 20th century energy has been produced by way of wind generators. Wind energy moves a propeller and, by way of a mechanical system, it turns the rotor of a generator which produces electrical energy.

Wind generators are usually grouped into facilities called wind farms with a view to achieving a better use of the energy which reduces their environmental impact. The machines have a working life of twenty years.

Advantages of wind energy

Wind power as a strategic commitment for Spain
  • Wind energy is an inexhaustible and homegrown source of energy that supplied electricity to 21.9% of Spain in 2020  electricity equivalent to around 16 million homes.

  • The 27,446 MW of wind power installed in Spain are distributed around 1,265 wind farms in more of 1,000 municipalities. It is a driving force in the rural communities in which it is installed.

  • Wind power was the second technology in the 2020 peninsular´s energy mix and the first of capacity installed  it is a key technology in our energy mix.

  • Spain is one of the first countries in the world to integrate wind power into the grid around 13,800 MW of wind power played a part in the adjustment services of the electricity system.

  • Spain ranks fifth in the world in terms of wind power installed, after China, the United States, Germany and India, and second in Europe.

  • The wind energy sector is key to meeting the European target of 40% of energy consumption from renewable sources by 2030.

Wind energy as a source of employment and a robust industrial sector
Wind power as an economic boost for the country
Wind energy as a guarantee of environmental sustainability
Wind power as a source of cheap energy