Spain is one of the first countries in the world to face the aging of its wind farms: by 2020, half of its wind turbines will be over fifteen years old. The interest in the matter was evident in the First Summit on Wind Farms Life Extension held in 2016. The goal of 2017 is to take a significant leap forward and turn this event into a reference worldwide.

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Wind energy should be considered as part of the solution towards a circular economy for many reasons, mainly for producing clean, renewable energy with low environmental impact.

The main objective of this workshop is to share different experiences about sustainable Wind Farm decommissioning, inverse logistics and blade recycling, to try to understand queries and future challenges, from a circular economy perspective.

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AEE organises the first specialized event in wind blades to be held in Spain. It will analyse the new trends relating to the design and manufacture of wind blades, verification and validation methods, the importance of operating and maintenance risks and the most efficient solutions to cut costs. It will also try to show the progress on automation and the recycling of unused blades. High level speakers will tell their experiences from a practical perspective.


Ayre Gran Hotel Colón
C/ Pez Volador, 1
28007 Madrid


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