AEE News

• Once the Law is approved, the path that the Spanish energy sector and society must travel towards emission-free energy consumption by 2050 will be established and agreed upon
• The Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) appreciates the approval of the proposed law by the Council of Ministers and its referral to the Cortes
• It is an important first step in the process of adopting a Law that is called to be the founding milestone of the Spanish energy transition and the fulfillment of the Paris agreement by our country

Juan Diego Díaz, chairman of the Spanish Wind Energy Association, said that ''the success of the auctions come when the winning projects go online''. In his speech at the opening session of the Third Spanish Wind Energy Congress, he said that ''in the case of the auctions celebrated in Spain, it is necessary that projects are ready on December 2019 so as to count for 2020 goals''.