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ANUARIO AEE 2018This new edition of the AEE yearbook, 'Eólica 18', also contains a complete report on wind power in Spain and the world, an analysis of the milestones of the year in our country with the holding of the two auctions in 207, a analysis on the future Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition and its Committee of Experts, the challenges of wind power in the Canary Islands, the updating of the parameters and aspects of the regulation without correction, the progress in the adjustment markets or the implementation of the network codes, among other topics.

It also includes chapters dedicated to the most outstanding figures of the year, the major global trends, R + D + i and the role of REOLTEC; and a section on the different EEE activities during the year.

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The eigth edition of this report is a continuation of the documents developed by the AEE Working Group on Health & Safety since 2007. For the sector, it is important to know the main indicators of occupational accidents that wind suffers because, in this way , reinforces the internal culture of risk prevention and contributes to the reduction of potential incidents in the sector.

AEE thanks companies for having participated and their predisposition to transfer data on this eigth edition of the report, to which new companies have been incorporated over the last few years.

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Spain, like other countries around us, has been committed to the fight against climate change and an energy transition towards decarbonisation. Wind energy, the most mature and developed renewable energy, has a relevant role as the engine of the energy transition and, therefore, the Spanish wind sector proposes what are the necessary elements to carry out this transition in the energy mix. AEE has elaborated a document in which the scenarios and measures are detailed so that the renewable energies are in conditions to contribute all their potential for the achievement of the 2030-2050 objectives.

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Guide for companies in the Spanish wind sector

This guide is an online tool developed by REOLTEC, the technological wind platform coordinated by AEE, which includes high technology companies that work in the wind sector and have a presence in Spain.