Wind energy in Spain


With more than 30,000 MW of accumulated power, wind energy has been the first source of electricity generation in Spain in 2023, exceeding 24% demand coverage. Everything indicates that the results of 2024 will be similar, consolidating itself as the technology that generates the most electricity in our country. More than 22,000 wind turbines installed in Spain generate more than 61,000 GWh already.

In 2022, 1,640 MW of wind power were installed, a relevant figure, but well below the 4 GW per year that would be necessary to be installed in 2030 in order to reach the wind goal of 62 GW contemplated in the proposal of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC),  submitted to the European Commission for approval. Gigawatts needed not only for direct consumption by homes and companies but also for industrial consumption in key sectors such as renewable hydrogen. Therefore, if wind power cannot meet the appropriate installation rate, the implications are multisectoral.

Spain is the fifth country in the world with the most installed capacity of wind power, after China, the United States of America, Germany and India, and the second in Europe behind Germany.

Wind energy covers 24% of the energy consumed

29,813 MW of installed wind capacity in Spain

There are currently 1,345 wind farms installed in more than 1,053 municipalities

In Spain there are more than 250 manufacturing centers in 16 of the 17 regions

Wind energy avoids the emission of 32 million tons of CO2

39,000 people work in the sector in our country

Main figures of the wind energy sector in Spain