The Government launches a Plan to support the Spanish wind energy industry

23 de octubre de 2015

The Wind Energy Industry Stimulus Plan (PRIE, under its Spanish form) has the triple objective of improving the sector”™s productive capacity, ensure access to international markets and enhance R&D

€ The Wind Energy Industry Stimulus Plan (PRIE, under its Spanish form) has the triple objective of improving the sector”™s productive capacity, ensure access to international markets and enhance R&D
” Alberto Nadal, Spain”™s Secretary of State for Energy: “Wind energy is one of our flagship industries, an example of technological capability”
” Juan Diego Díaz, AEE´s Chairman, says that the sector needs the PRIE due to its difficulties following the stagnation of domestic orders

Madrid, October 15th, 2015. The Wind Energy Industry Stimulus Plan (PRIE, under its Spanish form) was presented on October 15th at the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR). At the event, chaired by the Secretary of State for Energy, Alberto Nadal, participated the General Directors of Industry and SMEs, Innovation and Competitiveness, and International Trade and Investment, Victor Audera, María Luisa Castaño and Antonio José Fernández-Martos, respectively, as well as the Chairman of the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE), Juan Diego Diaz.

The PRIE has three goals: improve the productive capacity of the wind energy industry, ensure its access to international markets through competitive quality products and promote R & D to allow it to remain at the cutting edge of technology.

The Plan contains several specific measures, agreed upon by the wind energy industry and the Government, aimed to boost the domestic market, export capacity and increase the international presence of companies and maximize R&D. It is designed as a set of 15 measures grouped around three main themes: measures for industrial development, measures to boost exports and international presence and measures to promote R&D. Among these are the support to programs for reindustrialization and competitiveness, the reduction of taxes and optimization of port logistics, the replacement or extension of life of wind turbines in old wind farms, the support of the industry in its bidding in third countries, boost trade agreements to eliminate tariffs and prioritizing projects with the seal of the PRIE, among others.

This action is framed within the actions of the Government”™s Agenda for strengthening the industrial sector in Spain, which includes, among its goals, the promotion of sectors with high technological value. For this purpose, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Economy have collaborated to draw future action lines. In an official statement, the Ministry of Industry stressed that “the PRIE wants to promote the Spanish wind power industry as a high-tech industry.” It adds that “the wind energy industry is a strategic sector in Spain and Europe, with Spanish companies present in all the value chain of the industry, high technological profile and high export capacity. It is well placed to play an important role in changing national economic structure towards a model of future-oriented value creation and recognition of the quality of Spanish products in international markets.”

During the event, Nadal said that “wind energy is one of our flagship industries, an example of technological capacity,” so the Ministry has to support it. In this regard, he stressed that the Government is already taking steps, such as increasing wind penetration in the Canary Islands through the quota of 450 MW (“if a part is not covered, there will be a specific auction later in order to do so”), the auction of 500 MW (“if it goes well, subsequent calls will be made”), the improvement of interconnections with Europe and the possibility of wind energy to participate in the services setting. “We will do our best so wind that energy in Spain can be a spearhead in the energy sector and export to the rest of the world,” he said.

The Chairman of the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) said that the sector needs this Plan due to the paralysis of the internal market by the economic situation and uncertainty, which has led to factory closures and layoffs. “In 2009, 1,332 wind turbines were installed in Spain; in 2014, only thirteen”. Díaz said the implementation of the PRIE can mean a 35% increase in the value of the sector’s exports to an annual average of 3 billion euros in 2020; the creation of 3,500 new industrial jobs; additional tax revenues of between 30 and 40 million euros annually; social security income amounting to 35 million per year; and the drive to meet the binding targets of 20% of gross energy demand in 2020.

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Main data of the Spanish wind energy industry
 – Spain is the third European country in wind turbine manufacturing and the fifth worldwide.
 – It is the third largest exporter of wind turbines.
 – Wind turbine manufacturers with manufacturing in Spain have a market share of more than 85% in the country.
 – The wind energy industry”™s driving force in the economy is important because it develops all the activities of the value chain (development, construction, manufacturing, services)
 – The sector has 195 factories in twelve of the seventeen Spanish regions
 – There are 1,077 wind farms in about 800 municipalities and wind energy has a proven revitalizing effect in rural communities where it is installed.
 – Wind energy has a proven ability to respond to the flexibility imposed by the markets, maintaining internationally competitive standards of productivity
 -The sector is supported by the national industrial tradition and it helps its conversion and reorientation (industrial cluster, shipyards, etc.).
 – There are 12 research centers and 14 universities with activities in the sector.
 – Spain is the seventh country in the world and the third in the EU in the públication of wind patents.
 – Wind energy creates five times more jobs than conventional generation technologies, many of them highly qualified: 70% of employees in the sector have some sort of degree.

Presentation of the Wind Energy Industry Stimulus Plan (PRIE). From left to right: Mª Luisa Castaño, General Director of Innovation and Competitiveness; Víctor Audera, General Director of Industry and SMEs; Alberto Nadal, Secretary of State for Energy; Juan Diego Díaz, AEE´s Chairman; Antonio Fernández, General Director of International Trade and Investment.

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