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The 2nd International Life Extension Summit will take place in Madrid on 19th and 20th September

Madrid, 30th May, 2017. In 2030, half the 146 GW of wind power installed in Europe will be over twenty years old. The fact that the assets are in many cases in appropriate operational conditions, together with the lack of a clear and homogeneous regulation on repowering in the continent, is leading to a natural trend: wind farms”™ life extension. Spain is, with Denmark and Germany, the pioneer in wind power, so it is one of the first countries to address this process.

In order to approach all the key aspects regarding the life extension process, the 2nd International Life Extension Summit will take place in Madrid on 19th and 20th September. Representatives of different companies and experts will debate on the key decision elements, the main challenges and the different solutions.

€œThe main reason to extend the lifetime of the assets is to extend its economic life”, says José Manuel Marco, from DNV GL.

Manufacturers with presence in Spain already have innovative life extension solutions that they are successfully implementing for their customers. “A valid cost model which guarantees the customer business case is a key factor for the life extension of the fleet”, says Fernando Ibáñez, from Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.

For manufacturers, O&M and services companies life extension is a way to open new business opportunities. For developers, it opens the possibility of increasing profitability: a 15 MW wind farm can increase its return in 2 basic points if it extends its wind farm”™s life 10 years.

According to Enrique Camacho, from Ingeteam, “companies are striving to seek innovative solutions that meet the needs of the customers in terms of profitability and efficiency”.

In the 2nd International Life Extension Summit, the following topics will be addressed, among others:

€$ Strategies to successfully extend wind farm”™s lifespan (diagnose of the remaining life of the turbine and its components, etc).

€$ The challenges of O&M (maintenance and substitution of different components)

€$ Components recycling

€$ Economical, financial and legal conditions

€$ Monitoring as a key element

€$ The importance of certification

€$ Equipment”™s security and efficiency

€$ Business cases

The Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE in its Spanish acronym), the voice of the Spanish sector in Spain with nearly 200 associates, organizes the event. Last year, 200 people attended the 1st Summit.


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