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14 de septiembre de 2012

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Madrid, September 14, 2012. The Council of Ministers has approved a draft bill with tax measures to limit the so called tariff deficit. Among other measures, it includes a 6% tax on electricity production for all technologies. This will have an impact of 241 million Euros in 2013 for wind, according to estimates of the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE).

While waiting to have access to the draft in order to do a thorough analysis, AEE believes that these measures should have been pre-negotiated with the industry. The wind industry has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to make concessions for the good of the country and its economic situation, provided they are fair and negotiated. In this regard, AEE highlights that wind is the technology that supports higher taxation because, on top of taxes common to other technologies, fees imposed by some regions must be added.

Furthermore, the sector is currently experiencing a period of high uncertainty due to the moratorium imposed on new facilities by Royal Decree-Law 1/2012 (which implies that the megawatts included in the Register of Pre-Assignation for 2012 are the last to be installed in Spain under Royal Decree 661/2007) and the lack of regulatory framework beyond December 31, 2012. In this regard, AEE asks the Government to start a negotiation with the industry to discuss the regulatory framework that will govern new farms from 2013. It is important to do so with urgency, as there are currently no plans for the future and manufacturers have not received this year new orders for wind turbines for the domestic market, forcing them to consider their stay in Spain.

Spain needs more than ever productive sectors that create jobs to boost the exit of the economic crisis and changing the country’s economic model for the future. The wind industry is a model: it has always grown according to its objectives, it is a world reference that creates wealth and jobs, reduces fossil fuel imports, exports technology, it is the technological image of Spain and it is the most competitive renewable technology.

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